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What is ESP RainMaker

ESP RainMaker is a light-weight AIoT Cloud software, fully integrated into the AWS serverless architecture, which allows customers to build, develop and deploy customized AIoT solutions with a minimum amount of code and maximum security.

Ease of Maintenance

Serverless architecture

Enhanced Security

Well-protected communication among devices, apps and the Cloud


The Cloud supports extensions based on customer needs


Pay-as-you-grow model

High Versatility

A wide variety of custom-made products

Private Deployment

All data belongs to the customers’ enterprise, thanks to the private Cloud deployment

Use it as an out-of-the-box solution or as a customizable platform to meet your business requirements

Standard Offering


Espressif offers a complete solution that includes private deployment of IoT cloud, mobile apps, voice assistant skills, and product solution support. This allows customers to build their very own brand of an IoT business in as efficient, affordable and speedy as possible a way.





Panel Light


By leveraging ESP RainMaker, customers can develop their own IoT solutions, with complete independence. Espressif’s AIoT Cloud software provides the most solid basis for your innovative solutions at a low cost and no risk.


Coffee Machine


Garage Door Controller

Remote Control Hub



Facilitates the development of customers’ own solution, based on the ESP RainMaker SDK.

Private Cloud

Customers can now own and deploy a private Cloud with full control of their business data.

Phone Apps

ESP RainMaker apps for iOS & Android are open-source, offering a reference design and development guidance.


Helps customers manage device fleets with rich features.

Main Features

For End Users

  • User Management
  • Device/Group Sharing
  • User-Device Association
  • Scenes & Automations
  • Local & Remote Control
  • Time-Series Data
  • Grouping
  • Voice-Assistant Integration
  • Scheduling and Triggers

For OEM Customers

  • Fleet Management
  • Business Insights
  • OTA Upgrades
  • Admin role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Device Diagnostics

ESP RainMaker & Matter

ESP RainMaker allows the realization of a complete Matter ecosystem which enables:

Integrated device management (e.g. fleet management, OTA, data insights) for all Matter devices

Remote control with greater accessibility to Matter devices

Device provisioning and control for Matter-compatible devices of different brands and categories

ESP ZeroCode – RainMaker + Matter modules provide out-of-the-box, ready modules that are certified for Matter

ESP Insights

ESP Insights is a remote observability and diagnostics platform for in field-deployed devices. With ESP Insights, customers can receive information about crashes, unintended reboots, error and warning logs, and any other custom metric they wish to observe.

The in-depth device information available remotely can reduce debug costs and time for issue resolution to a fraction of what it is. This detailed data can also benefit product managers on assessing product feature roadmap.

ESP RainMaker Video

This video demonstrates how Espressif’s ESP RainMaker provides a complete, yet customizable, end-to-end solution to building AIoT products. With ESP RainMaker, it should take you only a week to fully build your own AIoT solution.

Getting Started

You can use the public ESP RainMaker to prototype and evaluate your application. Contact us to get more details about pricing and deployment options at later stages.