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Developing Firmware

The ESP RainMaker project is built on top of ESP-IDF and provides C APIs for firmware development. The APIs have been designed such that developers only need to write the application logic, leaving the rest to the RainMaker framework. For more details, refer to C API Reference.

Developing Clients

There are many ways in which the clients can be developed for ESP RainMaker. You may use the raw REST APIs or any of the higher-level client APIs.


The REST APIs can be used to build your own applications, similar to the phone apps and CLI already provided with ESP RainMaker.

For more details about REST APIs, refer to Swagger documentation. You can even try out these APIs directly from Swagger. Please keep checking for updates and additional features.

Python APIs

ESP RainMaker offers a python-based CLI to try out all user-level functionalities similar to the phone apps. It also has libraries which you can use in your own python scripts. For more information, please refer to Python API reference.

Phone Apps

ESP RainMaker phone apps are available for direct download and usage from the respective app stores. The source code for these apps is available on GitHub: